We help telcos migrate their 2g subscribers by providing banks leverage to finance affordable smartphones

3 core functionalities

We orchestrate the interests of all the parties by piecing together 3 core technologies
  • Granular Locking

    We provide banks with leverage on the 1 piece of collateral that matters most to these consumers: their smartphones.

    Our technology allows for different locking scenarios. We add incremental pressure points to incentivize customers to pay on time.

  • Dynamic credit score

    We collect a tremendous amount of real time data to produce dynamic risk profiles.

    This allows to better personalize third party services to better fit the customer's need and budget.

  • Orchestration Engine

    We connect the backend systems to our orchestration engine through restful APIs.

    This allows to act as market makers between risk takers and telecom operators.

Key benefits to banks

  • New customer base
  • New financing opportunity
  • Low risk

Key benefits to telcos

  • More 3g subscribers
  • Triple revenue from segment
  • No additional investment

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